GIGSoup: Patrick Barry drops Coffee In The Morning – not literally.

Coffee In The Morning is a stunning social commentary about the mundane necessities that we all sign up for in life, which now more than ever are vital in keeping us together in isolation. The track is more relevant than it was when it was dropped in mid-march, hence us jumping on it now.

Discussing Coffee In The Morning, Patrick discussed:

“Coffee in the Morning is about the reanalysis of the concept of true love. It’s not about the honeymoon or the few days on vacation every other year…it’s about feeling joy, satisfaction and excitement in the beautiful monotony of everyday life. I recently became a step dad and this was my reaction to the changes and “warnings” that were thoughtfully shared with me.”

Patrick was reunited with his first love after 17 years apart, after he had to head to Twentynine Palms as a Marine. He penned love songs in the Mojave desert before working his way through bands of varying success.

This track is the second offering as a solo artist, and Patrick Barry has plenty more to bring us, we’re sure.

Source: Patrick Barry drops Coffee In The Morning – not literally. | GIGsoup