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Not sure I ever expected to be in a popular playlist along with Harry Styles, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande…but thanks to Music Blossom…I am. Please check it out and make sure you like & play Ray Axelson (Mr. Wonderful) by ME on the playlist to let them know they made a good decisions by adding it!

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B-Sides & Badlands Taste Test: Patrick Barry honors grandfather, ‘Ray Axelson (Mr. Wonderful)’

“No matter what happens to you, never give up,” croaks the late, great Ray Axelson through streaming tears. That spoken opening line sets the emotional tone for singer-songwriter Patrick Barry‘s new song that’ll carve the heart right out of your chest. With the aptly-titled “Ray Axelson (Mr. Wonderful),” the musician, most known for his work in The Barry Brothers, quickly shifts to a gleaming beacon of hope, as a tribute to a person who “radiated positivity” in their life here on earth. “Give it to the world no matter what you’re going through,” sings Barry, his incisive tenor howling through the world’s furious, fuming, and fog-like haze. Despite life’s violent nature, the words spark a deeply moving warmth from deep within which could, perhaps, solve all our problems.“Ray Axelson (Mr. Wonderful)” samples Barry’s upcoming solo EP, expected later this year.

Source: Taste Test: Patrick Barry honors grandfather, ‘Ray Axelson (Mr. Wonderful)’